Visiting Jamaica - Requirements / Visa



For tourists with a Dutch passport, staying in Jamaica less than three (3) months : NO VISA required.

Dutch citizens with an intended visit of more than three months : Application for a VISA IN ADVANCE.

Students of any nationality on intended internships in Jamaica must apply for an entry visa prior to arrival.

Persons residing in The Netherlands as refugee, in possession of a “REISDOCUMENT” (Dutch refugee passport) : Application for a visa before traveling to Jamaica.

For specification VISA requirement per country, click: HERE.

This brings you the Jamaica High Commission page where you can find visa requirements for Entry to Jamaica by Nationality


Passports / Travel documents of all visitors presented on entry to Jamaica must have a validity of at least six (6) months from the date of scheduled departure from Jamaica.


For downloading the "Visa Application Form”, click: HERE.

In order to make a VISA application, the candidate should print out their own form(s) to be completed.

The completed form will need to be sent to this Consulate, by email-attachment, fax or mail.

E-mail address :

Fax number :         020-622 0976


The cost of EURO 50 per VISA are to be transferred to Consular bank account,

ABN AMRO Nr. in name of C.E. Vlierboom. your Honorary Consul in Amsterdam

or paid cash on collection of the VISA at the Consulate of Jamaica in Amsterdam.

An official Government of Jamaica receipt will be issued on collection of the payment.


Upon receipt the Consulate will check if the application form has been completed as it should be.

The applicant will then be contacted for an appointment at the Consulate in order to have the completed application form signed by the Consul and for certification of your passport photos and other documents.

Applications need to comply with the following:

1)  Signing of the completed application form(s)

2)  Presentation of the passport

3)  One recently made passport photo (color not needed)

4)  Showing flight information (Booking-confirmation of the travel agent, or return ticket)

5)  Showing Hotel reservation or letter of invitation by the host

For passports of certain non-EU (and non-Common Wealth) countries, the visa application will need processing by the authority in Jamaica. In that case the applicant will have to produce in addition:

6)  His/her (Dutch) Residence permit

7)  Marriage certificate (if applicable)

Common Wealth nationals and applicants of non-EU countries will have to present:

8)  Their (Dutch) residence permit.

In case of, study, internship, doing practice, volunteer work, the applicant must present (in addition to the other documents for a visa):

9)  Original letter from hosting organization in Jamaica, confirming the arrangements as made

For work in Jamaica,

10)  For detailed information, click: HERE


Visitors must satisfy the Immigration Officers in Jamaica of their bona fides and must be in possession of

1)  Return ticket with re-entry visa for persons who are not nationals of their country of residence, or visa and airline ticket for an onward destination, and       


2)  Funds to cover duration of visit or proof of adequate arrangements for accommodation and maintenance during the visit.               


Visa applications are subject to processing in Jamaica, issue of a VISA can take some time depending on the nationality of the applicant (approximately three (3) weeks on average),


For further information, see the following web sites:


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