Jamaican Passport  - Application Procedure



Click HERE to download a Jamaican Passport application form.

Pages 5 and 6 of the form give the instructions for a correct completion of the document.

The completed form will need to be sent to this Consulate, by email-attachment, fax or mail.

E-mail address :     Consulate.Jamaica.NL@gmail.com

Fax number :         020-622 0976


Upon receipt the Consulate will check if the application form has been completed as it should be.

The applicant will then be contacted for an appointment at the Consulate in order to have the completed application form signed by the Consul and for certification of your passport photos and other documents.

With the completed application form, you will need to bring originals (no photocopies) of the following items : 

- Two recently made colour passport photos (see Application Form, page 5, item 2.0 and 2.1).

- The current (expired) passport.

- Birth certificate.

- Residence permit.


Following your visit to the Consulate, you will need to send (by registered mail - aangetekend) the certified application form to :

The Embassy of Jamaica

Avenue Hansen Soulie 77

B-1040 Brussels



With the certified application form you will need to send the following:

- Copy of Birth Registration Form (certified by this consulate)                                                

- Two passport photos (certified by this consulate)                                                                          

- Copy of "Verblijfsdocument" (=Dutch Residence Permit) (certified by this consulate)

- Your old passport.                                                                                                                  

Or, in case the application is for a passport which was lost or stolen :

- Police report (in English) and any other document which can prove identity (certified by the Consulate)                                                                                   


All documents should be in English.

International documents, whereby English is included, are also accepted

English translations only by official (sworn) translator, to be legalized in succession by

The Court of Justice in the district (arrondisement) of the translator

The Ministry of Justice in The Hague 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague.


In order for the Embassy of Jamaica to process a Passport application, payment in full needs to be received on the Embassy account in order to be able to submit same to the Ministry of National Security in Jamaica.

The Consulate of Jamaica can provide the service of submitting your payment to the Embassy after certification at the office of the Consulate in Amsterdam. Payment can be made in EURO cash during certification or paid in advance on the Consular bank account, ABN AMRO Nr. in name of C.E. Vlierboom.

An official Government of Jamaica receipt will be issued on collection of the payment.

Rates are as follows (minors <16 Years old) :

Passport Renewal (regular)

Minor : Euro 115

Adult : Euro 145                 

New Passport (lost / stolen)

Minor : Euro 145

Adult : Euro 220

Payment can also be made in Euro direct by the applicant to the Embassy of Jamaica in Brussels or alternatively in GBP Pounds Sterling by bank draft made out to the Ministry of National Security in Jamaica.


On average it takes about twelve (12) weeks to process the application in Jamaica after which the new passport becomes available.